The Cat's Meow COVID-19 Plan



During these stressful and uncertain times our feline family and friends will continue to need care.  Because of this, as long as we are allowed to remain open and classified as an essential business, we will continue to see patients; however, we are encouraging our clients to use their best judgement on scheduling appointments.   

We clean every exam space, and exam room, after each patient/client with a disinfectant effective against viruses, bacteria, and fungus (this is not new; we always did this).  We are cleaning our lobby area, reception space, front door, and bathrooms regularly during the day.  Nevertheless, we invite our clients to call us for refills and pay over the phone - we can then deliver the refills to your car. 


We encourage and recommend you drop-off your sick kitty for any exam.  If you must schedule an in person exam then please come to our clinic by yourself in order to limit the number of people in our practice.  We are asking you to leave your friends and other family members at home when you bring your cat to see us.  In addition, we will require you to wear a mask (any mask, including cloth, will suffice) in our clinic.

Please know we are taking extreme measures to keep our workplace safe and clean (for both you and our staff) and we ask the same off you during this time:

  • If you are sick in any capacity, even a sniffle or allergies, we ask you to please hold off on scheduling an appointment.

  • If you have traveled outside of the United States since 3/1/2020 we ask you to please hold off on scheduling an appointment.

  • If you have been in close contact with any individuals who show signs of illness or traveled outside of the United States we ask you to please hold off on scheduling an appointment.

  • If you are over the age of 65, or are immune compromised, we recommend rescheduling your appointment; however, we will continue to see you.

Ultimately, if we are forced to close to the public, we will still be answering the phones in order to address your concerns as best we can.  This will be done via tele-medicine or texting.

In the short term, The Cat's Meow is reducing business hours, staffing, and quantity of available appointments (in order to more easily comply with social distancing recommendations set by Tarrant County).   Effective immediately we will open at 8:30AM and close at 4:30PM. 


No longer in effect // We are closed on Saturdays // We reopened on Saturdays effective 5/2/2020.


No longer in effect // At this time we are only seeing sick cats and essential surgeries.   We ask you to call us to reschedule (or cancel and rebook on a later date) any wellness exams, vaccinations, nail trims, body clips, our routine visits.  Please contact us to see if we can postpone a recheck.  // We are resuming normal scheduling effective 5/8/2020 for wellness exams, vaccinations, nail trims, body clips, and other routine visits.


No longer in effect // We are not accepting boarding during the month of April // we reopened boarding 5/1/2020. 

During the quarantine we would like you to know we have some options for ordering cat prescription food diets online and having them delivered to your home.

For Purina please use the following website:

For Royal Canin and Hill's please use the following website:

Please email Nathan at or call him at 817-263-5287 if you have any specific concerns you would like to address.


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