Nicole Roberts


Nicole has been in the veterinary field since 1999. She absolutely loves cats and veterinary medicine. She has worked with both cats and dogs (but really prefers cats!). Benecia Cat Clinic (California) was fortunate to have her on staff for 3 years, so Nicole is not new to the feline-exclusive field. One of her main hobbies/talents includes fostering little bitty kittens until they are old enough to be placed into loving homes.


Born in Colorado and raised in the California bay area, Nicole really loves a real pine forest and cool weather (Texas is a bit difficult for her, as it is with many people!) Her favorite season is winter..."when I'm cold, I'm happy," and she likes to go to the mountains for vacation. Her dream is to eventually end up in the area of Mount Rainier, Washington. The light of her life is her adorable son, Anthony. Outside of work and playing with her son and cats, she likes to write and draw. The fantasy and dragon genre suit her as far as books go, and she enjoys all forms of art, particularly realism.


Nicole is a jack of all trades. She is involved in surgery, treatments (she loves intensive care and challenging internal medicine cases), exam rooms, and kennels. Currently, she is our main surgical nurse and dental hygienist (for cleaning, polishing, and fluoride treatments on our patients' teeth). As part of the position, she maintains the surgery equipment including the laser, anesthetic machines, and instruments. She is also in charge of the radiology department (taking care of the x-ray machine, cassettes, film, and developing processor).


Nicole currently has three adorable kitties - Nemo, Buster, and Kessah.  Nicole is crazy for long-haired cats. If you have a long-haired kitty, be prepared for her to fawn over it!


Nicole has been with The Cat's Meow since 2008.




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