Parasite Prevention

March 27, 2019

Zoetis recently changed from Revolution to Revolution Plus,  a new 6-in-1 product, now controlling ticks in addition to fleas, hookworms, roundworms, ear mites, and heartworm prevention. The change comes with new sizing: 2.8-5.5 lbs, 5.6-11 lbs, and 11.1-22 lbs. The boxes also have new colors (gold/sm, orange/md, and green/lg).




Even indoor kitties can get fleas and ticks - those nasty critters love your pets much more than they do your skin - cats (and dogs) are typically one of their preferred hosts.  We recommend having all cats on parasite control year-round.  Yes, it is expensive, but it is also peace of mind.  Heartworms (carried by mosquitoes - which also think cats are delicious) are found year-round in Texas.  These parasites, if left unchecked, can cause permanent lung and heart damage - or even death.  


Dr. Susan and Dr. Loupe recently attended some continuing education showing approximately 1 in 10 cats in Texas has heartworms.  Fortunately, the feline immune system can often fight them off on their own; however, that doesn't mean the hearworms won'd cause damage before they are eradicated.  As such, our recommendation is prevention.


If you have any questions, please feel free to bring them up with the doctor at your kitty's next exam.

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