October 30, 2020

Dr. Susan Head

Inside TCM

Behind The Exam: Our Technology is Amazing!

The Cat's Meow is Passionate About Staying on the Cutting Edge

Did you know The Cat's Meow is passionate about staying on the cutting edge of the latest in diagnostics and treatments to help you help your kitty live a long, healthy, happy life? Just as in human medicine, research is continual in finding new treatments, cures, and ways of managing chronic conditions. There are new testing modalities that come out regularly to help us more quickly and accurately diagnose the problem so that treatment can be started immediately.

The Cat's Meow has DR (Digital Radiology) that provides the fastest way to take x-rays to take a look inside. DR provides superior resolution to older methodologies so we can find subtle abnormalities.

Chest and Abdomen XRay
Chest & Abdomen Radiograph

To complement DR is ultrasound. Ultrasound is a non-invasive way to look more in depth at internal organs. With ultrasound, you can see better internal architecture or organs (whereas with x-rays it's more the position/size). I like to think of it this way: x-rays are like examining an apple from the outside- you see the color of the peel, the stem, the shape, and the size. Ultrasound is like looking at that same apple as if you had cut it in half and were examining it on the inside- now you see the pulp and the seeds. So you can analyze this same object from very different perspectives using two different diagnostic modalities.

We have the equipment to run in house lab work for quick same day results. This includes full chemistry/electrolytes/CBC as well as thyroid testing and snap tests for pancreatitis, heart failure associated respiratory problems, and checking for feline leukemia/FIV/heartworm antigen.

Our latest laboratory machine is a Sedivue, which performs a full urinalysis including sediment in a few minutes.


Outside of testing, we have blood pressure monitors, surgical laser, therapy laser, digital dental x-ray, high speed equipment for dental extractions, panophthalmoscopes for examining the retinas for abnormalities associated with high blood pressure (common in senior kitties), and training for acupuncture and stem cell therapy.

You may read more in depth about each of these on our website:

When we need specific help, we invite specialists (mobile, telemedicine, or referral) to join us in helping your cat.

Our entire team participates in feline specific continuing education on lowest stress handling techniques and the most current ways to diagnose and treat health problems.

Our goal is to help you keep your kitty comfortable and happy for as long as possible.

Behind The Exam: Our Technology is Amazing!

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