March 1, 2018

Nathan Head


PortionPro Rx

Feeding challenges accepted - PortionPro Rx helps multi-pet households

Feeding challenges accepted

Dr. Susan and Dr. Loupe recently had an opportunity to demo the PortionPro Rx at a recent AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners) conference. This was an innovating new product designed to address dietary feeding challenges in a multi-pet household. As an example, suppose you have one cat who needs a very specific kidney diet; however, you have another cat who requires a hypoallergenic diet.  In most households this requires feeding cats at separate locations and strictly monitoring their intake. A second, probably more common example, is a household with a kitty who does perfectly fine with free-feeding; however, the resident puppy will eat everything in sight - on the floor and on counters. The PortionPro Rx addresses these issues in a technological way.

Each pet in the household is equipped with an ID collar. This collar determines which feeder which pet has, and does not have, access to. When a kitty, with a matching collar, approaches their feeder, the door will open. If any other pet approaches the feeder (even if the valid kitty is present), then the door will immediately close (no proximity stealing). The unit itself is quite sturdy and hefty - they claim a locked feeder will withstand the advances of even the most stubborn cats and dogs.

If you think this device would be useful in your household please check out the following website for additional details. - There is also a nice video on their website as well.

Designed to help with the challenges of multi-pet households

PortionPro Rx

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