Fleas on Cats: Is My Indoor Kitty at Risk?

May 31, 2018

Fleas - the very word sometimes triggers disgust and causes pet parents to worry about their cat's comfort and health.  

But how can your kitty get fleas when your house is immaculate and your kitty never goes outside?  In a nutshell, anything, or anyone, can unknowingly bring a flea into your home. It is very easy for one of these tiny pests to jump on an article of clothing when you are outside. The flea thinks nothing of hitching a ride on your pants leg, sock, or shoe. Once inside, the flea then leaps onto your cat (did you know a flea can jump over a foot in distance?).  Once they dig into your kitty, they begin to multiply - from there, a single flea becomes a huge nuisance!


Even if you don't see fleas they could still be present.  Thus, we always recommend flea control for our patients - even if they are exclusively indoors.


Flea dirt (excrement) from active fleas on a cat


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