Your Role In Veterinary Visits

June 28, 2018

Would you like to know if there was something you could do to prevent your cat's death or slow down a serious health condition?  I think most people would answer yes.


So, that leads me to ask: When did you last listen to your cat's heart with a stethoscope for a heart murmur or arrhythmia? When was the last time you checked your cat's teeth and gums for periodontal disease or tooth resorption? Do you know if his kidneys or liver feel abnormal? What about feeling for enlarged thyroid glands or lymph nodes?


These are just a few parts of a comprehensive examination. At The Cat's Meow, we check from nose to tail to look for anything out of the ordinary that might clue us in to something we need to evaluate and address before it gets out of hand.


Even if you don't vaccinate your cat or you think he is healthy because he resides indoors and has good care, please have your kitty examined at least once a year.


Even indoor-only kitties with the best food, litter, toys, and love can develop health conditions. Some of these include diabetes, overactive thyroid, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney problems, oral pain or infection, arthritis, and cancer.


Ask yourself- would you know if your cat had one of these?


Let's work together to give your cat the longest, healthiest, happiest, comfortable life it can possibly have. Find out when kitty was examined last. If it's been over a year, schedule an appointment for a checkup. If vet visits are stressful, here is a link with tips to decrease the stress for you and your cat:


Thank you for loving and taking great care of your cat!




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