Google Street View - Virtual Tour

November 15, 2018


If you are familiar with Google Street View, then you know how much fun it can be to explore new areas, cities, and locations.   What you may not know is that Google Street View is not limited to streets.  There are tours of beaches, hiking trails, historical places, and buildings.  


The Cat's Meow recently added a Google Street View virtual tour of our building.  We frequently get questions asking what our facility looks like on the inside (specifically, boarding), so we felt this was one of the best ways to show everyone our clinic.  Would you like to take a tour?  If so, just navigate in the below window (or click the text in the upper left that says "View on Google Maps" for a full screen version).

Areas you can explore:

  • Outside the Front Door

  • Reception Area

  • Prescription Food Area

  • Hallway

  • Exam Room #3

  • Treatment Area

  • Boarding


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