Updated Diagnostics!!!

November 18, 2019

The Cat's Meow is excited about upgrading a couple of our diagnostic machines (our old machines were only about 5 years old). 

Idexx Pro-Cyte DX - In October we traded our our LaserCyte for a ProCyte hematology analyzer.  So what does this mean for your you?  Well, for one, we can now process a full CBC (complete blood count) in 2 minutes (the LaserCyte took a little over 10 minutes).  Faster results = less time waiting! 


The ProCyte also provides better results with kitties who clot more quickly.  It also requires less blood (which is good for those stingy kitties who don't enjoy being stuck with a needle any longer than necessary - which I totally understand).







Idexx DR50 - In early December we will also be upgrading our digital X-ray imaging system from CR to DR. 


CR is a cartridge based digital imaging system.  This involves a technician taking an X-ray with the kitty resting on an image capture plate.  Once the image has been generated, the plate is fed into a scanner and the image is transferred to a PC for viewing. The process is fast, and the images are fantastic, but the technology has changed dramatically over the past several years and there is now something much better for veterinary clinics.  That system is a DR system and you can compare it to the equivalent of taking an X-ray with a digital camera.  The kitty still rests on an image capture plate, but instead of having to remove the plate and scan it, the image transfers directly from the plate to a computer screen.  Instantly the technician knows if the image and angle are good.  Subsequently, this means your kitty has to spend less time on the X-ray table. 


As an added bonus, the DR images are superior to CR in many ways - think of it as the difference in a 6 megapixel camera vs a 12 megapixel camera.  Both provide excellent images; however, side-by-side, you would prefer to look at the 12 megapixel when diagnosing.




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