Assisi Loop

February 7, 2020


Do you have a kitty with chronic inflammation or pain (such as arthritis, cystitis, inflammatory bowel disease, stomatitis, etc)? Have you heard of PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy? PEMF is a safe, non-invasive treatment option that does not require medication administration. PEMF devices emit electromagnetic waves at different frequencies to stimulate and encourage the body’s natural recovery process. This type of treatment can be used to supplement and enhance currently existing healthcare modalities (ie can be used along with supplements, medications, and other treatments such as laser and acupuncture).


What is the science? Your whole body, including skin, bones, and organs, is composed of cells. The membranes of healthy cells have positive and negative magnetic charges. These charges are required to exchange ions carrying chemical elements your body needs to function, like calcium and potassium. Over time your cells deteriorate or get injured, and when that happens they lose their magnetic charges - and with them, the ability to exchange ions. Symptoms like inflammation, fatigue, and pain are caused by damaged cells with low charges. PEMF technology targets the affected area and restores cells’ healthy electromagnetic charges. (explanation from


There have been many studies showing improvement in pain (diabetic neuropathy, wounds, post-surgical, chronic inflammatory conditions) in humans. You can google PEMF for various conditions or even view hundreds of medical studies on the US National Library of Medicine site (


In veterinary medicine, there is a common PEMF device called an Assisi Loop. It is used at home to help decrease pain and inflammation. You can learn more about the Assisi Loop on their website:


We have some clients who have seen improvement in their cat's pain levels using the loop at home. You can even place the device under your cat's resting spot (bed/blanket) and simply turn it on when kitty lies down. It emits therapeutic waves that spread to the body without emitting sounds or vibrations.


Let us know if you are interested in more information!


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